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We specialise in design of residential new builds, additions and  renovation. our commitment to a detailed design process and documentation is evident through all our works. 

Customer’s satisfaction is our passion.

We will work with you to develop designs that will interpret your ideas imaginatively, maximise your investment, ensure your project is cost effective and can help add real value to your projects. We will come up with a range of ideas for you to discuss, develop and refine together.



The comprehensive process ensures that our design work is carried out to the highest standards and exceed customer’s expectations.


This stage involves gathering key information through initial client consultation, site visits, discussion with city council and other relevant parties. Most importantly, it will involves defining client’s needs, budget and time-frame and gathering key information such as the certificate of title, drainage plans, zoning, town planing, exisiting planting, water courses and soil type etc.

Concept design

You will be presented with an initial concept of the floor and site plan. Concept design is essentially a range of solutions to the brief. They may be developed through drawings, floor plan and perspective sketches, or computer renderings or physical models. During this presentation, we will discuss any changes that you would like to make.

Working Drawings

During this stage, the concept will be fully detailed by construction documentation. The information with the supplied plans will include construction details, specification of materials and workmanship as well as some additional reports which may be required.


Let us do it for you ! We will take your design and documents to submit to the council for building consent, proving you with a full set of construction drawing to give to your builder.


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